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> One of the world’s leading manufacturers of multi-rotor UAV systems.

> One of the world’s first integrated multi-rotor UAV systems.

> National high-tech enterprise with a brand recognized in Guangdong and Shenzhen.


AEE in the world

AEE has been continuously expanding global sales channels. In result, we have already set up some branches in theUnited States, Europe,Hong Kongand other developed countries and regions. AEE unmanned aircraft system has been widely used in the law enforcement agencies ofUnited Statesand European countries, which has largely increased the AEE overseas brand impact. The application of AEE unmanned aircraft system has been widely reported by overseas media. For example, Wall Street Journal had ever made deeply TV and newspaper reports titled with “ Chinese UAV debut inNorth America.” Shouldering the mission to “provide innovative technology products, to create an international brand with a sense of national pride,” AEE will strive to meet global customers’ demands with leading technology advantage, innovative product design and high quality service and products.