Goal Seeking and Technical Investigation

In different complicated conditions, it can complete various high-risky tasks, such as goal seeking, technical investigation, air surveillance, group ...

Traffic Accident Reconnaissance and Forensics

AEE unmanned aircraft system F50 is able to carry many different mission equipments and fly to the scene of accident to begin the surveillance in the ...

Bridge Structure Inspection

F50 has designated cruise function which can replace the traditional way of cruise and record viaduct or electric transmission line from the bird view...

AEE unmanned aircraft system has got dozens of patents. It now owns the following technical innovative achievements:


Higher integration: without adding any external devices, it can simultaneously enable auto flight and hand flying modes by adopting ground station only. The independent remote controller can simultaneously control the aircraft and operate the airborne devices to watch the real-time remote sensing videos and the aircraft status.

More options for remote control: remote controller and ground work station can simultaneously control the aircraft via point-to-multipoint wireless data communication function.

More secure and reliable video store: it has multipoint video storage function, which means the aircraft, remove controller and ground station can all store the video.

More secure: independent R&D flight control system with multiple runaway protections.

More professional appearance: it has great stealth performance.

Easier operation: it has full automatic one-button taking off/landing and fool auto-flying functions.

Higher intensity: the whole body case of the aircraft adopts full carbon structure.

Less equipping time: it takes less time from equipping to using. Complete in 1 minute only (for aircraft, you can use it directly by taking it from the packing box).

More comprehensive functions of ground station: it can not only directly control the aircraft flight, set up the flight route, but also show the real-time information of the aircraft gesture, longitude and latitude, speed, altitude. Besides, it can also control the airborne devices in order to watch the real-time remote sensing videos. There are also different map options.

More professional: independent R&D professional unmanned aircraft airborne camcorder.