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Since the foundation of AEE unmanned aircraft system R&D team, we have already successfully completed the R&D for the first and second generation of unmanned aircraft system and related products. The flight control software, appearance and structure design, airborne control platform of the unmanned aircraft system were all completed by AEE independently.

Members of the unmanned aircraft system project are all from AEE elite group. The project team also hired some outside experts in UAV and 45 full-time senior engineers. Among all the project members, several got master degree or above, over 50% got graduate degree, and others all own computer, electronic or mechanical related bachelor degree. The advantages of AEE R&D programmers can be used in many fields, such as computer software, information engineering, intelligent control, security emergency response, etc. They have years of product R&D experience, which made them to be a team with cohesive strength, rich working experience and brave innovation.